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Bathroom Hands Towel

bathroom hands towel
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Bathroom Hands Towel

  • Nano Mineral Magnetic Energy Towels
  • Nano Mineral fiber made of natural wood pulp and mineral elements which include Nano Mineral Rayon Fiber 60% and Nano Mineral Cotton 40% 
  • Nano mineral magnetic energy contact with the skin with a deep massage effect, promote blood circulation
  • When the towel to absorb moisture, you can use to be facial mask to make the skin moisturize
  • Good water absorption 3 times more than normal cotton towels and soft and comfortable
  • Without use of water, it can also be thoroughly clean dirt on the face and body
  • Photocatalyst and Anion can Eliminate the smell of sweat, Deodorization rate of 94%
  • Kills Germs, Bacteria, and Fungus from Skin It can thoroughly clean the grease and dirt. And also reduce the acne; essence like lotion can be more easily absorbed, then the skin is more delicate and smooth.
  • If less water Muslim can use for Ablution 
  • Patient can get clean without taking the shower  
  • Wet towel covering head can provide relief from extensive heat
  • Give relief from Neck Pain, Muscular Pain, Reduce Swollen just compress the towel hot or cold
  • Useful to dry cutlery, crockery to keep them cleaner and kills all kind of bacteria, germs 
  • Easy cleaning and all functions are permanent.
Model         Type           Size                                 Colors
103535                     Hand Towel / Face Flannel                   35 x 35 cm           Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green
103570 Sports Towel 35 x 70 cm / 50 x 90 Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green
170135 Bath Towel 70 x 135 cm Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green
100150 Bath Sheet 100 x 150 cm Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green
100180 Jumbo Towel 100 x 180 cm Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green


  • Remarks: We can produce any size of towel on Customer request for bulk order quantity 



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